National History

The Creed of Phi Sigma Sigma

I believe a woman who serves is a woman who leads.
I will devote myself at all times to upholding the ideals of Phi Sigma Sigma.

I believe in faith, love, and sincerity.
I will find strength in the lifelong friendships I share in the bonds of our sisterhood.

I believe in the advancement of womanhood.
I will make the most of educational opportunities throughout my life
and will become a woman of substance, character, and influence.

I believe in the perpetuity of Phi Sigma Sigma.
I will build to the walls of our Pyramid.

Once a Phi Sigma Sigma, Always a Phi Sigma Sigma

Our Mission: To inspire the personal development of each sister and perpetuate the advancement of womanhood.


Our Vision: To be a dynamic sisterhood of powerful women fostering uncompromising principles, igniting positive change and embracing individuality.

Phi Sigma Sigma was founded on November 26, 1913 at Hunter College in New York, New York. Our 10 founders believed that women of different faiths could come together and work toward common goals.

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